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    Google Verification – Verifying Your Local Listings

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    Get Your Listings Verified - Google Verification ONLINE PROFILE Get Your Listings Verified - Google Verification One of the first steps to becoming relevant online is taking control of your online [...]

    Are Your Summer Hours Being Seen On Google?

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    Along with the warm weather, vacations, and tourism of summer often comes different business hours.  If your dental office hours change during the summer months, it’s important to adjust that information online as well. Last [...]

    Introducing Call Tracking

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    For many businesses calls are their most important type of lead. In fact, 65% of businesses consider phone calls to be their most valuable, highest quality source of leads, and this is backed up by [...]

    4 Ways to Make Online Reviews Work For Your Business

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    We live in a fast paced world full of unprecedented access. An online review, positive or negative, can be the difference between landing a new patient or losing one to the competition. Online reviews are [...]